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Every other Tuesday, Joseph Petrillo discusses developments in Federal contract law with Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on Federal News Radio’s “Federal Drive” program.  His interviews are available here and some are listed below.

Protests, Claims & Disputes

From Torncello to Krygoski: 25 Years of the Government’s Termination for Convenience Power.  Joseph J. Petrillo & W. E. Conner, William E. (7 Federal Circuit Bar Journal 337, Winter 1997), Most Government contracts have an unusual clause permitting the Government to terminate the contract for its “convenience.” This article explores the limits of this power.

Judging Past Performance Can Be Vexing. Powell, Karen D. GCN. May 21, 2003

What are the rules for evaluating past performance? Here’s a summary of some recent GAO decisions.

Why Contractors Must Work During Disputes. Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. April 12, 2002

What if your Government customer is making life miserable? Can you just walk away from the contract because of a bona fide dispute? The answer is probably not.

Competition and Bid Protests at the FAA. Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. August 23, 2001

Do you have a contract with the FAA, or want one? Then you need to know how to resolve bid protests and contract disputes at the FAA’s special office for alternative dispute resolution.

Rules on Unbalanced Pricing Have Changed Significantly. Petrillo, Joseph J., Government Contract Audit Report 16 July/Aug, 2001.  Pricing some line items high and others low is an old practice in Government contracting, and one which has become easier to get away with.

A Change Proposal That Shares the Savings. Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. November 15, 2000

Do you have a way to change your contract specifications and save the Government money? You can actually share in those savings, under a long-established Government program.  This article discusses a case involving our client.

Where to File The Protest? Implications of the Expanded Bid Protest Jurisdiction of The Court of Federal Claims. Petrillo, Powell, and Conner, The Government Contractor. November 13, 1996

“Umbrella” Contracts:  GSA Schedules, Task & Delivery Contracts, IDIQs, etc.

Much Ado About GSA’s Federal Supply Schedules. Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. June 16, 2003

New rules for “co-op” buying by the states and proposed rules for IFF and purchasing services are highlighted in this article.

Competition is Required Even For Task Orders. Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. September 12, 2002

Under new legal rules, it’s much harder to protest the award of an order. But contractors denied a fair opportunity for task or delivery orders under multiple-award contracts have other rights.

GAO Decisions Remake the Rules for Schedule Buys. Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. August 7, 2000

Counterfeit Electronic Parts

Federal Drive Interviews, July 17, 2012.  Joe Petrillo discusses new efforts to keep counterfeit electronic parts out of the DoD supply chain. The Defense Authorization Act imposes new responsibilities on DoD and contractors.

American Bar Association  White Paper.  Joe Petrillo was one of the authors of this White Paper by an ABA Task Force.

Comments on draft DoD FAR Supplement Regulations  Joe Petrillo contributed to comments filed by the ABA Public Contract Section.

Policy & General Interest

Three Trends to Watch for in Federal Procurement. Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. May 5, 2003.  Joe Petrillo discusses performance-based contracting, order-driven contracts, and Iraq reconstruction.

Time to Remember a Judge Who Cast a Long Shadow. Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. August 16, 2000

Few jurists influenced Government contract law more than Judge Oscar H. Davis

Are Unit Prices Public Information Or Not?.  Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. July 22, 1999 When are units prices in a Government contract public information? Joe Petrillo discusses an important court decision under the Freedom of Information Act.

Unclear Contracts Can Spell Trouble Down the Road. Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. October 12, 1998

Lease-to-ownership has been popular for IT acquisitions, but this LTOP deal went awry.

Latest Decisions by Supreme Court are Boon to Contractors. Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. August 5, 1996.  The Supreme Court rarely decides Government contract cases. This article discusses two such decisions.

Healthcare Contracting

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Information Technology Contracting

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Small Business and Other Preferential Programs

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ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

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Outsourcing and Privatization

Try these Seven Steps to Guilt-Free Outsourcing. Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. July 18, 2002

Contemplating an outsourcing contract? Learn from the lessons of successful projects, described in the linked article.

Rules on Outsourcing Sometimes Hinder the Process. Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. May 3, 1999

International Contracting

In Explaining Federal Buying, We Can Learn Too. Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. May 25, 2000.

International Exchanges Require Caution. Powell, Karen D. GCN, Letter to the Editor. May 3, 2000

Procurement Rules Go Global, but Very Slowly. Petrillo, Joseph J. GCN. January 10, 2000