Expert Witness & Litigation Counseling

The attorneys of Petrillo & Powell are available to other counsel as consultants or expert witnesses in procurement matters. We consulted with appellate counsel and assisted in the reversal of a multi-million dollar judgment under a state’s version of the False Claims Act.   Our work involved questions of liability under the Federal version of the Act, general government contract matters, and issues of compliance with Federal regulations. The appellate court reversed the trial court’s judgment against the company.  Also, we have worked with white-collar criminal defense attorneys in the investigation and defense of allegations of criminal conduct in procurement.

Joseph Petrillo has testified as an expert witness, at trial, deposition, or both, in the following types of cases:

  • A dispute between an offeror and a team member under a teaming agreement.
  • A dispute between a contractor and ex-employees who established their own company
  • A dispute between a former employee and his employer over commissions for obtaining government contracts
  • A dispute between a manufacturer and a supplier about alleged “gray market” diversion of product represented to be sold to the government